Bad B Anthems

All the sites that I frequent have been posting Spotify playlists so I’m eager to share a few of my favorite empowering pump ups that I listen to almost on a daily basis, along with my favorite lyrics from each song and my Style Mag Daily interpretation.


By Beyonce

“You must not know ‘bout me…”

SMD interpretation:

— Basically the best comeback to anyone who underestimates you (I may or may not have said this to many a psychiatrist)

— The song is about how Bey is the one who is irreplaceable, not her no good bf.

9 to 5

By Dolly Parton

“Tumble outta bed and I stumble to the kitchen/

Pour myself a cup of ambition”

SMD: Coffee = Ambition. Dolly get’s it.

“Want to move ahead but the boss won’t seem to let me/

I swear sometimes that man is out to get me!”

SMD: The man is out to get us, at eighty cents to the dollar, and Dolly knows it.

You Don’t Own Me

By Lesley Gore

“Don’t tell me what to do/

Don’t tell me what to say/

And please when I go out with you/

Don’t put me on display”

SMD: Written in 1963 so some lyrics in this song seem a little dated, but super eerie how some aren’t dated at all.