Extra Extra: The Bachelor stylist, Cary Fetman

Here is this week’s final reveal: an interview with reality TV series’ The Bachelor’s stylist, Cary Fetman. Cary is responsible for dressing the featured Bachelor or Bachelorette of the series, and then the top two finishers in the final episode. Take a look into the life of fashion and TV’s top! *we started the call and got cut off so there are two parts and two sets of audio

Part I

Maggie McGregor: Hey! Is this Cary?!

Cary Fetman: Hi! How are you doing?

MM: I’m doing great.

CF: You really, you really did keep trying. I give it to you! I give you credit!

MM: [laughs] You’re either going to think I’m crazy or dedicated.

CF: No, I actually appreciate it. I like people to keep going, because I usually have good intentions and terrible follow through.

MM: No that is fine! So I just want to ask you about your process, but I thought I’d start out asking you: you help people find love on The Bachelor. How does that feel?

CF: Oh it’