About Me

Maggie McGregor is a fashion stylist who got her start traveling the back channels of fashion shows and major PR events helping fashion be conceived. As a wardrobe supervisor at New York Fashion Week she truly learned what fashion is all about, and more importantly how the fashion world works.  A few seasons and fashion emergencies later, she gained a coveted internship at Blackbook magazine, before moving on to the fashion closet at Town & Country magazine. Maggie now travels to major cities as a freelance stylist based in Scranton, PA.

So, what the heck does a freelance fashion stylist do? Basically, anything and everything involving fashion. Maggie writes fashion pieces for magazines and websites, personal shops for clients locally, and takes on projects from costuming designing for theatre to styling sets for Lord & Taylor/Saks 5th Ave, to working on the costume crew for the Macy’s Day parade.  Being a stylist means being challenged by art every day in a different way.

And, YOU get to be a part of it. I’m Maggie, and I can’t wait to share my love of clothes and style with you!  I began Style Mag Daily as a Facebook page, as a trial run for a blog.  I quickly outgrew that format, and have been itching to write more since.  Thanks for following my outfits on Instagram, which is linked to this on the homepage, and for reading along in my column in Happenings magazine and in the other pieces that I write.  Many fashion journeys ahead!