What To Wear To Meet Kendall Jenner

A stylist’s job is to do unglamorous things in glamorous situations.  I’ll explain: I met Kendall Jenner at a fashion show, said glamorous situation.  We were backstage, separated by merely paper walls from the front of house, but I think we’d both agree it wasn’t glamorous.  I remember the space was so tight that my friend’s cheeks were bright red from the intense body heat of all the models. Their feet were bleeding because they had shoved them into dozens of ill-fitting shoes all week. My feet were in pretty bad shape as well. The mere pressure of standing for so long each day made them throb at night.  But we were both really happy. She was excited to walk the catwalk of the biggest show of New York Fashion Week. In those hectic ten minutes I was very focused, but the excitement flooded me after. I was a wardrobe supervisor: I made it possible for that gaggle of models to walk the catwalk of the biggest show at fashion week. Taking on unglamorous tasks to make glamour itself possible is incredibly rewarding, and it is what the fashion world is full of. We have both found that this industry makes us really happy, and because it gives us purpose we’ll both do whatever we have to do to keep doing it, no matter how unglamorous. But then life is what you make it, and I feel pretty glamorous writing this right now.

My life is pretty nice.

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