Extra Extra: Olympian Adam Rippon

I encourage listening to the audio as well as reading the text because you really can’t grasp our enthusiasm for each other through the transcription alone!

This man needs no introduction.  Sass-master, Clarks Summit native, bronze medalist, and celeb Adam Rippon did a private interview with me backstage September 5th at his Reality Check event at Mohegan Sun Convention Center in Wilkes-barre, PA. We cover his views on fashion and his insight on a few other more pedestrian things. Thanks for reading!

Maggie McGregor: What designers do work well with? What [fashion] experiences have you enjoyed? Can you tell us about that?

Adam Rippon: I went to the Oscars and I wore Jeremy Scott.

MM: I loved loved that look and it got mixed reviews, but I love harnesses.

AR: You know what, when I saw it I just thought it was a twist on what a normal tuxedo usually is and usually I think in men’s fashion especially in a tuxedo you can play with the texture of the material or the color and there really isn’t much of a change in the design. I thought it was really cool and I loved it when I saw it on the runway at the 2018 Fashion Week, I think it was, when Jeremy premiered it from Moschino I loved it then. I love Moschino ‘cause it’s fun and quirky and usually it’s pretty bold. I always love Gucci too because it’s really fun. My favorite kind of pieces are classics with a twist, because they kind of work for everybody. 

MM: So you wear a lot of gold. Can you tell me about? I noticed in magazines you where the Cartier Love [bracelet]. Was that kind of a post-olympic splurge?

AR: So, I didn’t make the Olympic team 4 years ago, when you make the Olympic team you get a ring, you get an Olympic ring.  And I was kind of upset that everybody was going to be getting this ring, like all of my friends who made it, and I was like, “I’m not going