Rule the Fourth

Wherever it is you are going to lounge this weekend, be it by a pool, a lake, or the sea, only one thing stylistically matters: your Instagram photos.  Seriously, some of you may be thinking, “I’m going to be chasing after kids, I don’t have time for sexy swimsuits!” Or maybe, “I am going to be sweating over a hot grill, why does what I look like matter?”  Let me tell you, it does matter, because your are a queen every day, and you need to rule the fourth.

Even if you are lying on a cheap chaise lounge from Wegmans on a patch of asphalt, there are three things you must abide by this fourth of July:

  • Stay Cool
  • Look Cool
  • Be Cool

Utilize the props above, but, here’s the key: it’s all in your head.  Even if you are just on that patch of asphalt, you need to be posed in your one piece with poise tha