Precious To Me

This photoshoot was pure magic. Dedicated to my Aunt Martha who died from breast cancer, it was shot among her things. You won’t get a creepy sense- this was a careful curation of things collected by a woman of incredible taste over a lifetime. Sadly a lot of the furniture was new when it was moved into this room that it transformed at my parent’s house. She died shortly after redecorating her treasured apartment over her jewelry store and the home she grew up in after my grandmother’s death. Everything and everyone ends up where they are supposed to be. These things, with more meaning than most possessions, were meant to transform the attic used as a playroom for my five brothers and sisters. And now, she is finally surrounded by things of the caliber she truly deserves. I love you.

photos by Julie Jordan Photography

suit by J Crew Factory

jewelry by Martha Banks

interior design by John Mackey Design