Playlist: Elevated Elvis

I honestly never cared for Elvis. There are just too many goofy impersonators butchering his famous voice. I’d seen too many cheap halloween costumes and we all have that friend of a friend who was actually married by the Vegas tribute star.

But I watched the feature film that came out last year by Baz Luhrman, Elvis, and I got hooked. Am hooked. The intentionality in how he spoke (my car radio remains locked on the Elvis Sirius XM channel for interviews and extras… it’s bad :/ ), that buttery soft voice (I can tell why girls threw panties at the stage), that truly beautiful face, and his blues influence but incomparable talent have me swooning.

With my knowledge I picked up from the Sirius channel broadcasting straight from Graceland, I made a playlist for all of you! I tried really hard to not give you hits that have been beaten to death (the impersonators) but to still include the ones no Elvis playlist is complete without. I really hope you enjoy it. Check the movie out on HBO if you want more. It makes sense to me now why he really is the king of rock ‘n roll.