Extra Extra: Huma Abedin

To answer my little tease about who my next guest interviewee was, I said she too wore chandeliers at the Met Gala. Huma in 2018 wore huge chandelier earrings with her Giambatista Valli gown and I was obsessed with it!

Huma Abedin arriving at the 2018 Met Gala in Giambattista Valli

I’d like to add that although I met with Huma, these questions were answered via email, so all of the exclamations of this subdued human are in fact hers! 😂😂😂   Due to the fact that the bulk of this was over email I’m not providing any audio 🙁.

Style Mag Daily has had the opportunity to interview not one but two queens of the red lip in the past month. So with our newest guest, I started right there.

MM: I’ll start with the most pressing question of this interview: what is your red lip color? You always have the perfect red lip. Are there steps to getting the perfect red lip (like lip liner, or lip scrub, etc)?

HA: My day to day red lip for the last few years is YSL Orange Imagine. If it’s a more formal event, I will wear Charlotte Tilbury’s red carpet red. I tend to favor matte red shades and am always game to try new reds. I don’t have any particular steps, I just try