Year in Review!

2019 🥂was such an incredible year for Style Mag Daily! Our blog grew so much, and we have you, our readers, to thank for that! A section of the blog that we put so much love into was our Extra Extra section of the blog, where the team interviews celebrities, industry professionals, and other relevant guests who get our vibe. Because of my love for coffee, we are going to give you a year in summary by sharing our Extra Extra guests’ coffee orders ☕, the question I always use to break the ice.

Adam Rippon, Olympian 

“all coffee in a grande cup, I fill the rest up with half & half, and I put six Splenda’s in it”


“iced caramel macchiato, when I’m doing well and I want a fun drink”

Marion Boyce, Costume Designer                              

shot of espresso

Amy Vilela, political candidate in Oscar-nominated 

documentary “Knock Down The House”                             

Diet Coke 😂

Cary Fetman, stylist for The Bachelor                        

not a coffee drinker 🤷

Paige Cognetti, mayor-elect of Scranton, PA            

iced grande almond milk latte

Rashida Tlaib, United States Co