Poli Pod: Tom Brier

Men’s Style and “Good Trouble”

Chat on men’s style with attorney and former congressional candidate Tom Brier

Maggie McGregor: So how is your day going?

Tom Brier: It’s good! I was actually just watching the funeral procession for John Lewis. It’s pretty moving; great to see.

MM: He’s one of your heroes.

TB: He is. Yeah. I had a chance to meet him a few years ago and it was just one of the highlights of my entire life. He’s everything public servants should be. He’s in it for the right reasons, he treats people with respect, he’s not afraid to call people out for issues that relate to justice. He’s just a remarkable figure. It’s such a sad loss, especially right now.

MM: One of the reasons you decided to run for Congress, you said, was because you wanted to help people. You said that in your life, when you examined it, a year or two years ago