My Greatest Teacher

When I was in elementary school I had a teacher that I knew was the greatest teacher. Period.Someday I knew that I’d submit her to be Disney’s Teacher of the Year. I know: they only accept high school teachers. And my sister said they’d never choose someone from Scranton, But I knew I would convince them they were wrong, because she was the greatest teacher.

Then I actually got to high school and I was introduced to a new type of teacher. Not just teachers who used curses to get their point across, but teachers like the panic attack. Teachers like the swim meet. Teachers like the injury. Teachers like the surgery. Everybody said there were going to be greater teachers.

But I never forgot about that teacher. I never forgot about how she didn’t reprimand me after I forgot to do four (yes four) parts to my homework assignment. She instead sat me on her lap in her great big rocking chair she kept in the middle of the classroom as I sobbed. She knew I was just exhausted. She called my mom to take me home early to relax and get some rest. And to this day there’s been no greater lesson. She’s my life’s greatest teacher.

Teacher’s today need to teach more about emotional health to our kids. I’ve been chasing after emotional health for thirty-three years. Every experience is intentional, but I wish I could have wasted less time. A little less American History and a little more coping skills.  

Thank you, Miss Migliorino and SPS. A thousand times thank you.