More Precious than Pearls

During October, breast cancer awareness month, a lot of my posts are going to be dedicated to my Aunt Martha, who died from breast cancer. I’d like to give you a brief introduction to her as the month commences. Martha McGregor Banks was a jeweler. Jewelry is truly a lost art. I have so many of her trade books in my apartment and I relish in just having them surrounding me because of the artistic traits we have in common. Do you know how precious you are to me? More precious than any of the jewelry you left behind.

The following poem I wrote for her the day she died.

More Precious than Pearls

By: Maggie McGregor

You fastened pearls for my sixteenth birthday,
At twenty-one diamonds adorned my ears,
Maybe an original engagement ring would come my way,
And then a wedding bad that would bring me to tears.

I never wanted to lose you;
It was too soon and happened so fast;
Life is so short and we take it for granted,
How soon the present becomes the past.

You left behind treasures for your nieces,
The sapphires were pretty and the emeralds too.
It was a nice inheritance and I feel honored,
But it doesn't stop me from missing you.

I imagine you now as a beautiful angel,
Finally at peace and out of pain.
I'm sure you outshine the other spirits with your halo,
And I know you watch over me as I struggle to stay sane.

A few years ago I fell apart;
I was at the end of my tether and running out of time.
Well wasn't it the month that I began my recovery,
That my wonderful aunt became divine.

For My Aunt,