Interview with Melisse Brunet, Conductor for the NEPA Philharmonic

Speaker 1 (Maggie McGregor– Style Mag Daily)

Hi. Melisse, am I catching you at home?


Speaker 2 (Melisse Brunet– conductor for the NEPA Philharmonic)

No, I mean, weeks very right now at my friend’s place because I’ve been, you know, working here so many years now. I’ve got friends in town.


Speaker 1 

That’s great. That’s great. Melisse, do you have a favorite coffee shop that you like to go to in the NEPA area?


Speaker 2 

 Oh, yeah. Uh, II, I discovered it quite recently. I think it’s a new coffee shop. So, forgive me because I’m really bad with names but it’s next to, um, uh, Public Square in Wilkes Barre. I don’t know if you’re aware of that one, but otherwise in Scranton I really love, uh, I think it’s espresso news,