Fierce and Female 💪

This was my favorite shirt we photographed.  It’s so gaudy and Betsey Johnson-looking and the plain”Girl Power” slogan brings out the 90s child in me.  Fourth through eighth grade were a great time for me in a lot of ways.  I played four sports and they gave me the confidence I needed to get through the hardest times that the next few years would bring. My parents bought me and my three sisters the the bestsellers You Go Girl! Winning The Women’s Way and It’s Not About The Bra by gold medal Olympic soccer team member Brandi Chastain. I wrote my seventh grade research paper on Title IX. We were firm believers that women kicked a$$ in the McGregor house and reckoned with anyone who tried to disprove it, no matter how large the tyrant, we lived to see.

** I apologize, I can’t find the link to this t-shirt, but I will try to find one similar

Girl Power (2)