Fierce and Female 💪

Hey babes and boys! A man in my life is a fierce feminist he just doesn’t know it.  He doesn’t like the term but

: treats all women like they have as much to offer as men, and: recognizes that they have been oppressed for hundreds of years.

Which is the word feminist is by definition. He’s fiercely protective of the women that he cares about and is aware of the unique struggles women face. He fights for the rights they deserve to combat them. He just can’t get past women being treated differently in the workplace, because his experience is with all that negotiating, nothing gets done.  I think that he has created the ideal world for the females around him and is afraid of what would happen if a man took advantage of that.

The future is female because can you imagine what the world would even be like if women got credit for all that they do, not even taking into account what they will do with liberation.

The Future Is Female